Wow. I haven't written a post since July. I could sit here and tell you that I've been very busy and that I just could find the time but that's all bullshit. I haven't been any busier than usual. I am just not very good at blogging and content creation but I will make an effort to do better.

Now that we've gotten all of this out of the way, let's get caught up. I've spent the last few months a bit all over the place as far as my learning goes. I've gone back to my design roots and have been focusing pretty heavily on UX/UI design. I feel like doing this provides me a better starting point for projects. I can at least visualize the product I'm building before I start coding. I have coder's block where I'll sit to start a project and I have no clue what to build, how it should look, what it might need, how detailed I want it to be, etc. At least now with sketches, wireframing, and mockups, I can have a clear view of what I'm building.

I've looked into sites such as and and they have a similar setup where they give you a design, user stories, and you have to figure out the best way to bring the design to life. These tools are great, however, I wanted to be a part of the design process of my projects rather than strictly the development process. I've become reacquainted with Balsamiq Mockups and I'm learning my way around Figma. So far, I like being involved in the extra steps. We shall see how rewarding it is for a build of my next web app: Flavaful.